Rebekah Hall, Kala Inc

Rebekah Hall is a laser focused coach who easily identifies her high power executive client’s greatest blind spots, challenges their limiting beliefs and creates breakthroughs that transform how they show up as leaders in their company.

“I have worked with several executive coaches through my twenty year career, and Rebekah Hall is the most gifted executive coach I have ever worked with.  When I am facing important decisions, Rebekah is able to separate logic from emotion, see the big picture, and easily get me focused on my ultimate goals.

Rebekah Hall

Principle Executive Coach, Kala Inc.

Rebekah Hall is a veteran business coach with over 15 years of experience and has worked with over 2500 companies. Her expertise is centered right in the middle of the action as an operations and systems expert. She spent 8 years running a company developing systems and processes around sales, marketing strategies, product development, revenue modeling, scalability, and leadership. 

In 2012, she took all of her experience, in building companies, to focus solely on transforming C level executives into powerhouse leaders who perform with excellence both on the business side and with their teams. 

In addition to her business acumen, Rebekah received training in a specific methodology known as Ontology. She is able to create powerful breakthroughs where the client discovers blind spots or blocks that keep them from optimal performance and personal harmony. Together, a unique facilitation occurs: to give the client a new perspective about how they can show up differently for their colleagues, family, and even how they see themselves. Also, she is S.O.A.R. certified which focuses on the bridge between Ontology and business leadership.

Her ability to get to the root of the issue by laying out a strategic action plan has produced results time, and time again. 

Working with startups to multi-million dollar established companies, she has the skill set to work through most roadblocks that you may be experiencing in your growth to success.

In her leisure time, Rebekah loves traveling to places that require a diving certification and a diverse culture. She is married with 5 kids and 2 pups.

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Kirsten Wesley, Consultant and Coach

Kirsten Wesley is an experienced business and sales consultant, trainer, coach and long time entrepreneur.  She started her first business as a teenager and dove head first into the sales trenches, developing skills that she has continued to use and teach to thousands of others over the last three decades.  With a strong background in both product and service sales, Kirsten also developed and lead a large sales organization of her own. In 2005 she joined an international team of trainers and for a number of years, traveled throughout the United States, Canada and other countries, using her experience to teach sales, marketing and leadership to other entrepreneurs. That’s when she realized, her true passion was for training and coaching.  In 2015, Kirsten put her product business on auto-pilot and launched a new LLC doing just that.  She hit the friendly skies again, traveling several times a month to work with groups of business owners from all over the country.  In addition to business training, Kirsten is known for her high energy, engaging presentations on a wide variety of topics. She is certified in Body Language, Image Consulting, DISC and speaks frequently on many other health, fitness and “people skills” areas.  She currently shares her passion for speaking as a Master Trainer and Coach for the MOXiE Institute in San Diego, working with entrepreneurs, corporate executives and TED Talkers on Public Speaking and Virtual Presentation Skills.  Her fun approach to nuts and bolts topics and techniques allows individuals and audiences to engage, understand, implement and get the results they’re looking for.  Kirsten lives in sunny Phoenix, AZ with her husband and has three grown daughters.

Ps. She is also an avid Tiki Enthusiast.  And a pretty damn good dancer. 

Tanner Stone, Consultant and Coach

Tanner is an experienced business coach, specializing in sales, operations, and scalability of a business. He has both started and sold business and taught other business owners how to grow their businesses successfully.  He started his first company, Empowering Change, when he was 19 years old as an independent health and nutrition trainer. A few years later, he opened up his first brick and mortar location, Square1Fitness, later expanding to 6 locations across the state of  Utah. He sold Square1Fitness in 2015 and became a Tony Robbins Results Coach and Business Results Trainer, where he strived to help bring out the best in people by helping them let go of their barriers to tap into their full potential. He was recognized as the MVP Coach of the year in the Tony Robbins program. Over the years, Tanner has coached over 300 different businesses and helped them go from start-up to six figures and then six figures to several million in revenue.  He currently sits as the COO for Seedling Inc marketing agency in Boston, working with some of the biggest brands in the world like Samuel Adams, Panera Bread, and ZipCar. His passion for data-driven marketing drives him to show business owners that marketing isn’t a guessing game; there are many tools out there to better your chances for success.